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The Connors

The year was 1930 and Francis Jarrell our paternal Grandfather worked for the railroad and lived with his wife Anna and their 2 small sons John and Francis.

Bernard Connor had several jobs over the years. He worked for the railroad as a water man in his later years. He had employment as a police officer and a machine hand in a wood working mill. He had to work hard as he and Anna had a lot of children

According to the 1910 the family was:

By 1910 they added a few more at his time Bernard and Joseph were both working as machine hands in a wood working mill and the family grew. (see 1910 US Census)

By 1930 it was only Elizabeth, John, Mary , the rest were on their own but the big house was empty. Enter the Jarrell's. Anna or Annie (Grandmom) and her husband Francis or Frank (Grandpop) and their two little boys Jack (Dad) and Francis (Uncle Frannie)



In 1930 he lived with his father in law Bernard and his mother in law Anna. Connor.

Francis (Grandpop) said his father came from Delaware. He also said his mother left England and moved to Canada.