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3 Percent of the US population is named O'Connor and another 3 percent Connors - 6 percent not including Connor

I am looking for information on Bernard Connor and his ancestors

According to 1900 1920 census born June 1864 Pennsylvania

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O'Connor or O'Conor, is possibly the best known of all Irish surnames.

Connor is one of the most common offshoots of the name O'Connor.

O'Connor, O'Conor, Connor, Conner, Connors, Conners

O Connor - in Irish is O Conchobhair or O Conchuir and stems from a name meaning champion. It is a name carried by several persons in history including the High King of Ireland in the 1st century and the legendary King of Ulster.


The name O'Connor or Connor is said to originate from Celtic and Gaelic.

It is professed to be from Conchobar, which means the chief of men, powerful among men, a leader.

This name is said to come from Conn, strength, and cobhair, aid, assistance. Con-na-fir, the head of men

Connor says is Irish: reduced form of O'Connor, which is an Anglicization of Gaelic Ó Conchobhair descendant of Conchobhar.

An interesting Connor O'Connor history.

Another history with family shields of the name O'Connor or Connor here

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