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4 Percent of the US Population is names Somers

Great Grandparents Susan McGee Somers and John Somers immigrated to the US from Ireland. I would love to have more information. I have date of birth 1852 Ireland for both and 1905 Holy Cross Cemetary, Pa for both of them.

This is a name that originally was given to someone born in the Summer.


Variations of the name Somers, Sommers, Summers, Sommer, Summer, Sommerton, Somerton, and many more says:

Irish: a variant of Summer

English (northern): patronymic from -Summer



English and German: from Middle English sum(m)er, Middle High German sumer summer, hence a nickname for someone of a warm or sunny disposition, or for someone associated with the season of summer in some other way.


English: assimilated variant of

English: assimilated variant of German: from Middle High German summer woven basket and, by extension, a measure of grain; also drum, hence a metonymic occupational name or nickname from any of these senses.



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