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Hello from the "Delaware Jarrell's"

About 100 years ago our family migrated from Delaware to Pennsylvania and in the last generations finally to New Jersey. In a time when you could chance your name if you liked the family Americanized the name Fitzgerald and dropped the Fitz to become Jarrell', Jerrells, Gerald and other names.

We have many cousins south of Delaware including Virginia.

The family stories say some of our ancestors left

Delaware for Arizona via Wagon Train with some of the Virginia Jarrells.

I moved to Arizona and met those Virginia wagon trainers descendants who also knew the family story about 25 years ago by chance. Contact me if you are still in Arizona.


Would love to link to Jarrell, Connor, Karn and Somers websites or genealogical information. You could also park your information here. I am looking for more family information or pictures.




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The Connors and Jarrell Connection

The Liberty Bell, Great Grandpop Frank Great Great Grandpop Alex and Me.

Alexander Henry Karns (Karn) 1881-1959 - About Grandpop Karns