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About Grandpop Karns

Alexander Henry Karns (Karn) was born in May of 1881, the son of a butcher named Frank who learned the trade from his father.

He was named for his Grandfather born 1830 who owned property at 1250 North 11th St in Philadelphia, Pa near city hall. (My Great Great Grandfather Alex.)

He married Anna Connor and had 5 children Alexander, John, Mary, Anna and Dorothy.

During the Great Depression he supported 13 additional people with the money he earned as a trolley driver in Philadelphia. It was a lean time my Mother told me but people were starving and he had to do what he could.

When I was a child he lived with my family - The Jarrells for some years and I shared a room with him. I got the top bunk. When he drove he car he always drove route 54 right down the middle of the road only moving aside when other vehicles came and only as much as he had to.

He was an incredible gardener and the family had wonderful fruits and vegetables when he lived with us. He made pies from the fruits and rolled them with a beer bottle. The best pies I think I have ever eaten.

It was rumored he read the whole main library in Philadelphia. I guess that was exaggerated but he saw things that were going to happen many years into the future including the "High Speed Line" that went 120 miles an hour and was like a Trolley in the sky and the pollution problems future generations would face.

He had time to Tudor me in many subjects and I still remember the scent of his pipe and his warn smile.